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Areas of Specialization

Risk Management

Risk management is an extremely important part of a financial plan. Protecting your family, assets, business partners and self is essential for a strong financial portfolio. Having all your bases covered when an unforeseen event takes place, will allow you to keep your assets and maintain your financial goals. You work hard to build wealth; we want to make sure it is protected in every circumstance.

Business/Tax Planning

All real estate professionals and investors are all self-employed. We want to be sure that our clients are taking advantage of the investment/tax benefits that are specific to them as business owners. Tax-deferred growth, deductible contributions and flexibility in the size and frequency of contributions is a vital part of long-term investments.

Allocating for annual or quarterly taxes in the proper account is another part of our planning structure. We make sure our clients factor this aspect into their budget. Being efficient with this money during the year gives peace of mind come tax time.

Estate Planning

Our clients have worked hard to accumulate wealth throughout their lives and we want to be sure it transfers to their heirs when the time comes. Working with them and experienced attorneys, we can coordinate an estate plan during their lifetime that reflects their wishes. No matter if you are just beginning to build wealth or are at the end of a successful career, we value this step in our planning process.

Real estate is often passed down to the next generation and there are estate planning tools that help this wealth transfer go as smoothly as possible.

Retirement and Investment Planning

Real estate is a large part of the majority of our clients’ portfolio. We believe in this. Our goal is to help the people we have a working relationship with diversify in order to lessen their exposure to the real estate market. Having a large portion of their portfolio invested in real estate is beneficial and coupled with exposure to other financial sectors can be very effective in achieving their investment goals.

There are many ways to gain exposure to other markets; we make sure that the choices we show our clients are the right fit for them at their current time in life. Creating liquidity allows for increased flexibility for future investments and current stability for present holdings. We stress this in our planning process.

Education Planning

Planning for college can often times be overlooked. We work with our clients to be sure that they are saving the correct amount, at the right time to achieve the education goals for their family. By educating them on the options there are to save for higher education, we can make an informed decision together on the best way to save and incorporate this important step in the financial planning process.